Bingo Guide – What are the rules?

What do you have to pay attention to when playing bingo? The winnings are distributed according to the individual specifications of the casino. For example, it is enough if you have a full row. If the bingo card is complete, of course, your winnings increase. Some casinos even offer a bingo jackpot, which you can crack with your active game participation.

Are there differences to the bingo rules seniors? The bingo rules for beginners differ in the casino and in the conventional way of playing, for example, in the retirement home. Seniors receive a card in paper form, but the number of numbers can vary greatly. Then a previously determined person also draws individual bingo balls one after the other.

Now the seniors have to look at their card and check whether they have the named number. Again, according to the bingo instructions, the first person to have all the numbers on their card wins. It is not quite so simple with other casino games, for example, if you want to play American roulette online.

Bingo guide for beginners – the rules simply explained

Bingo guide for beginners - the rules simply explained

The sports betting rules are not always so simple. However, this is not the case with bingo. The bingo rules can be modified, but they consist of a few basic principles. The numbers are usually drawn in a short interval of 10-15 seconds. The marking on the (virtual) ticket is then done by means of a circle or a cross. Who won is determined by the selected bingo variant and the associated bingo rules. However, compared to other casino games, the bingo instructions are easy to understand for beginners. The rules of the variant determine what pattern must be given to win at all. On the one hand, this can be horizontal lines or a cross on the bingo ticket. Another winning option is the “coverall”. This means you have to mark every single number on your bingo ticket in order to win. Colloquially, this game variant is also called “Full Card” or “Full House”.

Play Bingo Online

Play Bingo Online

Since the bingo instructions are easy to learn for beginners, more and more casinos are offering the game. The online game has many advantages. Bingo is considered an entertaining game of chance with low stakes. Also, the set of rules is easy to understand, which further facilitates the spread. Since the best online casinos with real money now also offer the mobile way of playing, bingo is becoming increasingly popular. On the screen of your smartphone or tablet, the bingo ticket is displayed and the virtual balls start rolling. Sit back and watch which numbers are drawn. With a bit of luck, your numbers on the betting slip will even be among them. The draw is done randomly by a random number generator, so outsiders can’t manipulate the draw.

Fact check:

There are also several bingo variants online, where the basic rules are identical. The game is played with a maximum of 90 balls.

Bingo variants: with 30, 75, 80 and 90 balls.

In some of them a joker is used

Number of bingo fields varies

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