Unusual Bets Made by Gamblers

It is no news that you can earn real money betting at online sportsbooks. But one would usually try to place logical bets; in this post, we shall consider some bets made by daring gamblers that defied logic. Are you brave enough to make a wild bet? Or do you prefer using common sense? Either way, you can try your luck at 20 Bet.

Betting Your Wife and Home on a Soccer Game

In a town in Uganda, two soccer fans made an extreme bet to show how much they liked their team. Rashid Yiga put his wife and car on the line for Manchester United, while Henry Dhabasani, who had already been married three times, put his house on the line for Arsenal. After Manchester City won 1-0, Dhabasani was kicked out of his home the next day.

Bets Worth A Lot Of Money On The Golf Course

The Golf Course

Phil Ivey, a well-known poker player, has changed how people bet on golf. Most golfers bet on how certain holes will turn out, but Ivey has taken this to a new level.

When he played golf with Joe Cassidy, that was the most famous temple. Ivey was almost $10,000 ahead, but he let his opponent take a free 80-yard shot. On a $1,000 bet, he got odds of 200:1 and then quickly put the ball in the hole. He was $200,000 richer in an instant (although it took the unlucky Cassidy a couple of years to scare up enough cash to pay off the bet).

Picking The Superfecta

A superfecta is a type of horse racing bet that requires you to pick the top four finishers in a race (in exact order). It’s a bet that rarely happens, but the payout is huge.

Two people outside Saratoga Springs, New York, each bet ten cents on a race in 2008. When they won, each of them made $76,000. Not bad for ten cents’ worth of work.

Another Look at the Big Guys

Think about putting down $500,000 on the New York Giants winning the NFC Championship. How would you spend the money if you won? 50 Cent would bet $1,000,000 that the G-Men would win the Lombardi Trophy. Even though he won both bets, one might wonder if this spending is why he went bankrupt in 2015.

Taking The Chance That A Player Will Cry During The National Anthem

 Player Will Cry

Knowing that NFL running back Knowshon Moreno has a history of crying during the National Anthem, oddsmakers couldn’t resist making it a Super Bowl bet between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. “No” was the favourite at -250, while “yes” was the favourite at +170. Anyone who wanted to see an adult cry would have been let down by the tailback, who kept his cool. He might have had money riding on the result, or he might have been tired of being known as the guy who always starts crying.

Body Art On The Genitalia

If Liverpool won the Premier League, a British genius agreed to get a long word tattooed on his leg. Even though needles hurt him, at least he is smart enough to remember all the comments, which should help. The fact that he made the bet with his fiancee and future father-in-law says a lot about the family he will join.

Tattoos On The Buttocks

While talking about tattoos, let’s not forget the bet that British tennis fan Will Hirons made. He promised to get a tattoo of Andy Murray on his buttocks if Murray won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon. Murray won, and Hirons got new tattoos, which had not happened to a British person in nearly 70 years.

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