The objective of every player in the machines is the same: to have fun and try to win money. The possibility of the latter is highly variable, since slots are games of chance. However, choosing a suitable machine gives you the possibility to enjoy yourself and earn money.

In the online world there are countless “gurus” who claim to know the correct machine. Some believe that its temperature gives the possibility of knowing if it is about to hit a jackpot. Other theories claim that putting cold coins in the machines conditions the slot to pay out.

All this has no obvious evidence and is reduced only to beliefs. For this reason, we will give you tips to choose the right slot machine, both in physical and online casinos. In addition, we will clear up the myths about slots.


These acronyms translate to Random Number Generator. It refers to a program that creates millions of figures per second. In addition, it takes care of the results of the slots.

This software is super efficient and is the element that prevents you from altering the results of the slots.

When you bet on one of these machines, you are choosing a mix of random numbers. No matter how fast the reel goes, the result is already preordained.

The case of big bets based on inappropriate strategies has been seen. We will mention them in the next section.

If you understand that RNG is the soul of slots, you will not believe in false myths to beat the machines.


It is almost certain that whoever offers you a strategy in which you will win millions very quickly, is cheating you. Unfortunately, there are many such websites today. However, you must be clear that the results of the slots are random.

In the following section we will explain the most notorious myths in the world of slots:

Myths about slots in land-based casinos

Myths about slots in land-based casinos

The world of betting is surrounded by legends. For this reason, we will analyze the most common ones and give you the truth:

Casino staff have data on slots that are about to hit a big jackpot. Wrong. The employees have nothing to do with it, since this corresponds to the RNGs of the machines.

Hot coins coming out of the slot give a signal that a big win is coming soon. Fake. The increase in temperature only indicates the period of use of the machines. That is why this does not influence the RNG, on whom the results depend.

If you use a newly abandoned machine without giving previous prizes, you will win a great reward. Also, if the same slot machine has given a lot of money in a row, it is not feasible to bet on it. Fake. We repeat that this depends on the RNG and this factor does not take into account previous results.

Slot prizes are controlled by a remote person. This myth grew from what we saw in the Flintstones movie that made Pedro a lot of money. This is completely false. Remember that the results of the machines depend on the RNG.

The location of the slots in the casino influences the results of the game. Completely false. Many players think that the most profitable machines are grouped together. But these slots are scattered throughout the gaming floor.

Myths about slots in online casinos

Myths about slots in online casinos

Online casinos are also full of popular myths that we will clarify below:

  • Online slots are fraud and that is why it is better to play in physical casinos. Completely false. Statistics confirm that you can make a lot of money playing online slots. In the same way, this type of game is much faster than that of the physical rooms. Therefore, the chances of winning are higher.
  • If you use the membership credentials you have less chance to win. The truth is that these credentials do not influence the results. They only give you the ability to access online casino promotions.
  • The main page of remote casinos do not award prizes, so it is not ideal to bet on them. Fake. This section of the web is the one that gives models that promise better rewards.
  • There is more chance of winning a big prize at certain times of the day. Complete mistake. Online slots cannot reprogram return figures in such a simple and fast way. That is why neither the date nor the time influence the results.
  • Physical and online casinos frequently alter payout percentages. Lie. It is true that the profitability of some games is high, but these figures are set at the factory.
  • Keep in mind that no trick guarantees 100% success. That is why we tell you that the best thing is that you enjoy the game to the fullest and have fun.

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