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Then you have landed on the right page. Our team consists of betting experts with years of experience in sports betting. We analyze hundreds of football bets every day to find sure winners. We research thoroughly and only recommend the best tips!

Use our free betting recommendations now

Use our free betting recommendations

Sports betting can be done anywhere these days. Everyone knows a tip on how to bet on football safely. Whether in the sports magazine, in the betting portal, in the football forum, on Facebook or another social network – everyone knows how it works. For real? If that were the case, there wouldn’t be so many losers… Serious and reliable tips for safe sports betting, especially in the area of ​​Bundesliga games, are rare. Because betting is a complex matter. If you don’t want to deal with professional game theory on a higher mathematical level, but just want to learn how to develop simple, functioning systems, you will find numerous tips and tricks here. We didn’t just consult a professional, we have a whole team of experts behind us. Successful bets for the 1st Bundesliga, the best tip for today, all here with us.

The expert advises: no tips in football without analysis!

The expert advises

If we publish betting tips for sports betting, especially for the Bundesliga, then these must not just be any betting tips. Any idiot (with respect) can give any tip. We give tips based on analysis. An expert would never place a sports bet without a detailed analysis, because the analysis underpins tendencies and gut feelings. How does such an analysis come about? The analysis is a factual and objective observation in football. The games of the individual clubs are observed over months. Strategies and patterns emerge, and strengths and weaknesses can be assessed. The expert not only looks at the Bundesliga tips, but also has a kind of feeling for how the individual players act by observing other games. Of course, the entire course of the game is never predictable. But the strengths and weaknesses and the interaction of the individual players can be used to make fairly reliable predictions as to which team is how strong. Our tips for you: Analyze the games. Filter out the strategies. You get to know the teams well. You become an expert. And if you’re a Bundesliga 1 expert, you can start making safe bets like a pro from today.

Even if the professional is smiling now: Beginners keep forgetting that analyzes are important. Ideally, before each bet is placed, there is a precise game analysis, otherwise there will be no sports betting. Best gut tips? That’s a myth. Successful bettors don’t do that, no expert bets without analysis. When calculating outcome probability, it’s best to include as much information as possible. Study the tables.

Look at the shape curves. Important questions:

  • Are there any injured players?
  • Will the injured players be replaced or will they play despite being injured?
  • If the latter is the case: what exactly is the injury? (A cracked rib has a different effect than a tendon injury in the lower leg.)
  • Are players banned?
  • How relevant were the banned players for the last games?

Later we will go into more detail on different betting strategies. But this exact analysis, which should be the basis of a successful bet in football, speaks fundamentally against a live betting strategy.

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